Before The Snow

There used to be a regular fantasy filled world. Queens, Kings, Barons, Baronesses, Lords, Ladies, Magic, Knights, Dragons, you name it.

One day, a great prophet had a vision that the world would become flooded, and so people all around the world began to build arks, and retreat towards the mountains. Others didn’t believe the seer and thought that he was trying to trick people into leaving their homes and kingdoms so he could take all the treasures for himself. His name was Arkansas.

And so the people in the World waited. Months passed, and then kings and queens sent assassins and mercenaries to find the charlatan to make him pay for his tricks. Eventually, the seer was captured by the Kingdom of Murr. The Murrites believed that the world would end in fire and brimstone, and had never believed in Arkansas or his false prophecy.

While in captive, the seer made an amendment to his prophecy: “it will happen in eight days!” he warned. But he was like the boy who cried owlbear. Great arks had been built in preparation by the most gullible kingdoms and queendoms, and some of the more foolish peoples had retreated to the tops of the highest mountains, but by now most had gone back to their regular way of life.

King Christopher Murr decided that should the world end in deluge in eight days, he would give Arkansas his kingdom to rule in the King’s personal Ark, which had been built by his advisers despite His royal protests. However, if that were not to happen, then Arkansas would be paraded around naked in each capital of the world and shamed for what he had done. The seer accepted the terms, as if he actually had a choice.

The Kingdom of Murr patiently waited for eight days.

On the first day, the towns children made signs proclaiming “The End is Nigh” and played a game called “Calamity”.

On the second day, the Believers flooded into the unguarded Arks. Everyone else laughed at them.

On the third day, the Meteor was sighted. It was a small blemish in the sky, but the astronomers knew. The Seer knew. But this only drove King Christopher to become more zealous. “The world will end in fire and brimstone, Seer! We will be struck down by the gods in the sky because of your blashpheme! Where is your flood now, you fool?”

On the fourth day the seer asked to be moved into the king’s personal Ark. The king laughed and allowed it. The believers followed into the Ark. The King decreed that any one on the ark would be punished with the liar.

On the fifth day the meteor got a little bigger.

On the sixth day the meteor got even bigger. The world prepared for the worst. People found themselves gathering towards the arks since they were built to be sturdy and withstanding.

On the seventh day the meteor hit. The sky became shrouded in a white plume that lingered high in the atmosphere.

On the eighth day, the plume fell back onto the world and drowned the king. The meteor, which had a iron core, contained enough water to flood the world. Only the mountain ranges remained above the new sea. Millions were saved in the Arks, but many more had drowned or died from the meteor’s impact.

After a few days, the seas began to freeze over. Any arks or ships that had not made it to land yet were stranded in the middle of a frozen dessert (yes, two "s"s).

That was 206 years ago.

Before The Snow

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